Our Mission

Building Communities in Israel Through the Joy of Giving

Kedma, which is currently in its twenty-third year, works with seminary students by creating programming that is both individually fulfilling and community building. Kedma enables gap year students to give back within Israeli society by partnering with schools and non-profits throughout Israel, thereby offering meaningful weekly volunteer activities as well as special service learning events throughout the year. Kedma’s programs are also a forum through which seminary students come together and form an inter-seminary community based on the joy of giving.


Kedma’a past projects include: the Medical Clown internship, Bone Marrow campaigns, the Songs of Hope Inter-Seminary choir competition (in conjunction with Yeshiva University), Spa B’Ahavah for disadvantaged women, the Chavaya Traveling Choir, hair donations, carnivals for Ethiopian children, parties for the disabled, Moadonit Club for underprivileged children, the Art Therapy internship, craft carnivals and various Humanitarian Aid campaigns. 

Over the past 19 years, Kedma has reached over 20,000 students through its leadership training and social action programs. Kedma has partnered with several well known Israeli chesed organizations, including: Magen David Adom, Akim, Aleh, Zichron Menachem, Chazon Yeshaya soup kitchen, Ezer Mitzion, Yad Sarah, Yad L’Kashish, Meir Panim, Wizo, and Ohr Shalom, in an effort to assist and provide resources to factions of Israeli society in need of assistance. 

Our dream of powerful student leadership is being actualized, with many Kedma alumni serving in leadership positions on campuses, in youth movements and in Jewish communities all over the world.