Kedma Volunteer Program

Kedma launched its Volunteer Program in September 2019 and managed the weekly volunteering programs for Midreshet Moriah, Midreshet Torah V’Avodah, Baer Miriam, and Midreshet Eshel.  Kedma placed150 students in weekly volunteering slots at 14 organizations throughout Jerusalem that included working with developmentally disabled adults and children, visiting the elderly, volunteering at hospitals, working at after-school programs for children from disadvantaged homes, volunteering at the Lone Soldiers Center, and food packaging. 

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Kedma Cohort Program

The Kedma Cohort launched in September 2019.  50 gap-year students from 14 seminaries from all over Israel were selected to participate in monthly activities that were geared at introducing these women to Israeli society through volunteering.  These students were chosen to participate in the Cohort because they expressed a passion and commitment to volunteerism.  The Cohort enabled these women to develop this passion by volunteering with and getting to know different aspects of Israeli society each month.  These activities included giving out food to the homeless in Jerusalem, hosting a Channukah party at Girls’ Town, volunteering at Leket Israel, and celebrating Rosh Chodesh Adar at an Assisted Living facility

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Inter-Seminary Choir Competition

The Kedma-YU Inter-seminary Choir Competition is a hallowed tradition for gap-year students. Choir groups from numerous seminaries throughout Israel congregate at the Ramada Hotel in Jerusalem before a group over 1500-2000 women and perform numbers rich with song, dance, and meaning. In addition to being a fun inter-seminary event, this program also raises money for worthy charities helping women, such as Hachnasat Kallah funds and, most recently, Atara, an organization that works with young women at risk.