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During this difficult and challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of elderly and sick individuals are experiencing extreme loneliness and depression due to imposed isolation. As a result, Kedma has created a program where student volunteers can sign up to call or video message these individuals daily to give them some kind of human contact.

elderly/quarantined sign up

If you are elderly, sick or otherwise in isolation during the COVID pandemic and would like someone to call or video message you once a day, please sign up on the link above.

volunteer sign up

To sign up to call someone in isolation during the pandemic and perform this life-saving mitzvah, please click on the link above, and a representative from Kedma will contact you with your assignment soon!

Kedma's Pre-Pesach Live Concert


Shlock Rock's Lenny Solomon in a Live Performance!

We might’ve been inside, but we could still sing! See the video below to watch Lenny Solomon’s Live performance given on our Facebook Page on Tuesday, March 31. To learn more about Lenny and his musical career, read his bio and watch a couple of his videos below.

Introducing Lenny Solomon

Lenny Solomon was born in 1961 and grew up in Kew Gardens, NY.  He comes from a very musical family where there were Cantors on both his mothers and fathers side going back generations. Lenny played accordion from the age of eight, and piano from the age of fifteen. He minored in music at Queens College and started playing professionally from 1980.

With his first band Kesher from 1984-1987, he released three albums and wrote thirteen out of twenty eight songs for the contemporary Jewish Rock band.  In 1986 he released Shlock Rock Learning is Good.  This was the first of 39 albums that have been released under the name Shlock Rock.  The music took off and by Sept 1987 the band Shlock Rock had their first concert appearance.  Since January 1986 Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock have recorded and released 520 songs and done 2000 concerts worldwide. Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock have a rich history of successfully bringing people closer to their Jewish roots while having fun at the same time. 

Lenny Solomon has written three musicals.  “The Hunch” in 1983, “Who Gets the House” in 2007 and Daniel in Babylon in 2013.  Daniel in Babylon is a work in progress and Lenny hopes that it will be released in 2021.

In 1992 Lenny got married to his wife Gillian and they moved to Israel in 1996. They currently live in Bet Shemesh, Israel with their four daughters Ayelet, Tamar, Avigayil and Shani.